At AirLink CCT, knowledge isn't only a commitment, but a passion. We've worked hard to develop a variety of courses and programs to fit everyone's needs. We welcome working with EMS agencies, schools, and emergency responders. Our crew of dedicated instructors make learning easy, accessible for all and fun. Connect and learn more about our courses and schedule a training today!

EMS Training
EMS Continuing Education

Able to provide classes on Trauma, Airway, Pediatric, Neonatal and Obstetric. Email us with requests to airlinkoutreach@gmr.net.

Santa arrival
Community Events & Outreach

We love contributing to the communities we work in. Sharing our aircraft and crew at special events is one of the most meaningful ways we can say, "Thank you for supporting Airlink and helping us to save lives".

hospital collab
Hospital Collaboration

Offering classes on 12-lead education, pediatric, airway management, cardiac, & stroke care, etc.

landing zone training
Landing Zone Training

On-scene training for emergency response personnel such as EMS, police, fire, search and rescue, ODOT, federal agencies and hospitals. Training includes safety practices for helicopter activation including preparations and departures.

facility tours
Facility Tours

With bases in Bend and Klamath Falls come see us at our helicopter or plane bases. Perfect for school age kids or those interested in learning more about our program.